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Vibrant Visions International (VVI) Scope of Services


Testimonials for Verena Aibel, President, Vibrant Visions International


Verena has always been an exemplary strategic thinker. From the time I worked with her more than 20 years ago, I could tell she was destined for a higher calling. I am not the least bit surprised of the success she has attained as a coach and organizational consultant. I am most impressed with her focus on integrity and accountability for her clients as well as for herself. Melvin Tennant, II MA, CAE, President/CEO at Meet Minneapolis, and CEO at Internet Destination Sales System, Minneapolis, MN, USA.


Through her willingness and persistent dedication to "be the change" in her own life, Verena delivers a potent and sustainable program for empowering leaders and visionaries to find and speak their authentic voice. Michael Wolf, IBM Collaboration Sales - Core Account, and CEO, Empowering NOW LLC, Austin, TX, USA.


Verena has an uncanny gift of honing right into the issues and stumbling blocks that stand in the way of true fulfillment. Whether it's a personal or business problem that has you stopped, Verena will gently, lovingly guide you towards a deeper understanding of the root of it -- and the new route to take -- towards a more fulfilled life. Thank you, Verena, for your insights and the love you show towards clients. Caryn Starr-Gates, Copywriter, and owner at Starr Gates Business Communications, Fair Lawn, NJ, USA.


Verena and I worked together on the Board of the New Jersey Professional Coaches Association. She served as the Marketing Director for the organization, and I went from President Elect to President to Past President during those years. Verena proved to be a creative, enthusiastic, energetic, empathetic, assertive, and confident colleague; and she continues to exhibit those qualities as the owner of Vibrant Visions International. She is an excellent coach who has a unique talent for uncovering the meaning that animals bring to people’s lives. Her Vibrant Visions Newsletter showcases her creativity, and she is actively involved in organizations such as the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners. I am happy to continue to be associated with her, and I highly recommend her for her sense of humanity and for the caring person and coach that she is. --Frank Ciecierski, President, Crest Consulting, and Former President, New Jersey Professional Coaches Association, Cape May, NJ, USA.


Verena and I have worked together at several networking and business events. I highly recommend working with Verena. Verena is enthusiastic and knowledgeable with a strong desire to help everyone become the best they can be. Verena always looks for opportunities to collaborate with other women business owners to help them grow their business. Susan McCue, Owner, Dressed 2 Perfection, Oakland, NJ, USA.

Verena is truly a leader in her field of expertise. She is reliable and knowledgeable about coaching people to find a direction in life. She is an example of experiencing and making changes in her life for the benefit of herself and her daughter... She is a great mom that allows her child to express herself in many ways.... I cannot say enough great things about her contribution to NJAWBO and the women of Bergen County and beyond!!! Thank you Verena and keep up the good work...Lucille Skroce, Owner, Matisse Chocolatier Inc.,  Englewood, NJ, USA.


Verena is able to see the big picture and help us move toward it without getting lost in the details. She is able to help people and their projects thrive. We are grateful to have Verena's participation in-house and in the communities we serve. Kathy Smyly Miller, co-Founder, Wellness Possibilities Network USA.

Verena is a Presence and an Energy embodying empathy, wisdom and process for those fortunate enough to be in her orbit, or for those choosing to mine her expertise in search of their own goals. Verena is highly successful as a life coach because she has a variety of skills with which to support those who come to her. More importantly, Verena herself is a Seeker, so she knows how to work with the Inner Landscapes we all encounter on our Life Journey. Anne Wennhold, Past Life Regressions, Shamanic Practitioner and Group Facilitator, Tenafly, NJ, USA.


Through your encouragement and inspiration, I have learned so much about myself both personally and professionally. You've introduced me to so many new concepts that have allowed me to grow and feel renewed. Thank you for being so knowledgeable and caring, it makes all the difference in the world! Mary Ann Maiorana, Principal Owner, Gold Coast Appraisal Group, Cliffside Park, NJ, USA.


Mary Ann Maiorana’s Top Ten Results from the Path of XPR:

1. My energy has increased, I can tackle anything.

2. I procrastinate less, I am not lazy.

3. I have less dread, and as a result, I’m happy because I have nothing to fear.

4. I have more trust in myself, I am less backward: I never wanted to ask anyone for help

before. I no longer have the I don’t need anybody mentality.

5. I still experience disappointment, however, I can let go more easily.

6. I have integrity in my word: I do what I say I am going to do. I don't take shortcuts.

7. I am being present to my heart’s calling.

8. I am being grateful.

9. I ask for what I want and need.

10. I promote myself. I am unafraid to put myself out there and connect to people!


Verena is one of the most positive people you can work with. She has keen insight, compassion, and empathy. She is quick, reliable, and honest with the ability to analyze and evaluate. Dorothy Abrams, co-Founder, Web PATH Cultural Center, Clyde, NY, USA.

This text is dedicated to Verena Aibel. I just completed her 12-week Strategies for Women in Transition offered by the Bergen Community College's Women's Institute. She has inspired me in so many ways that she does not even know. She has influenced me to think, write, and solve problems independently and more productively. She inspired me to start exercising on the treadmill for 50 minutes a day every day for several weeks already. I made that commitment during my class with Verena and I kept it and experienced immediate benefits. I feel healthier and more energetic. Verena and I communicated about my problems and she encouraged me to journalize and organize my thoughts in a proper way. I was able to utilize the knowledge that I gained from the class in everyday situations. The class material was very useful, beneficial, and pragmatic for me. I hope that the Women's Institute will offer more classes taught by Verena so other people can experience immediate benefits from her teaching experience and from her knowledge about this topic. The Path of XPR material guides you to think that everything is possible. This is quite possible! Just trust Verena and she will guide you. Emina Hot, Ridgefield, NJ, USA.


Verena is a visionary who opens her heart to others and seeks to foster humanity’s highest good. The purest depths of her heart is filled with unfettered honesty and generosity of spirit. She invokes harmony with her very essence and helps her clients discover their purpose. Ms. Verena Aibel is a limitless source of energy who provides a nurturing environment that is unique and inspirational. She is touching the earth one soul at a time thereby making it a better place for one and all. Micheal Teal, Poet, Psychic, Spiritual Consultant, Cyber Shaman, Canada.

Verena is a gifted and inspired coach who helps her clients gain focus, momentum, creative actions, and sensational results. Her Top Ten Writing tool creates amazing insights and benefits. Roberta Lockwood, Coach, Watertown, NY, USA.

I have worked on a team with Verena and her enthusiasm was contagious. Jean Charles, Business & Relationship Coach, JustRight Consulting & Coaching LLC, Frelinghuysen Township, NJ, USA.


A warm & positive energy! Mark Sganga, Acoustic Guitarist, Oakland, NJ, USA.


Verena is a warm, passionate and energetic entrepreneur. She is upbeat and loving and has firm ideas. Natalie Tucker Miller, Certified Coach, Founder/Publisher, Ageless-Sages Picture Books for Elders, Vermont, USA.

Verena has always been my bridge between Europe and the US. The most European minded of my friends overseas. Bert van den Assem, Dalfsen, the Netherlands.


Verena is an amazingly creative, loving woman. I have experienced her as an excellent virtual learning instructor. She is supportive to her writing students, encouraging and acknowledging their abilities and creativity! She deserves a 5-star rating! Suzanne Holman, Family Challenges Consultant & Coaching Group Facilitator, Suzanne Holman International, Phoenix, AZ, USA.


I've known Verena through New Jersey Professional Coaches Association (NJPCA) for a few years now, and have worked with her on various projects. Verena is warm, enthusiastic, authentic, and a true professional in her field as a life & business coach. I'm honored to call her my friend. Hueina Su, Certified Empowerment Coach, Founder, Beyond Horizon Coaching, Denville, NJ, USA.


I would like to thank you for coming into my life. My business partner and I set out a few months ago to find the perfect business coach. We were getting ready to go through the process of dissolving our partnership and wanted to create a win-win all around. After a few meetings with very capable coaching professionals, we both knew you were the one for our company. It was very important that the person we decided to work with had the right balance of business wisdom and deep spirituality. You have both! I am very aware of with whom I spend quality time, both personally and professionally. Getting and staying in the right environment is extremely important for lasting success. Verena has provided that environment for our company. I am very grateful for all that she has done for us. Yours truly. Dave Dalrymple, formerly with B&D Dry Cleaning, Specialists in Fire & Water Restoration, Tabernacle, NJ, USA.

Verena is a spirited, dynamic coach who thinks out of the box and yet is practical and down-to earth. She listened carefully and seamlessly synthesized my needs, abilities, gifts and options. Her holistic process gave me a unique, individual and gratifying experience. Specifically, coaching with Verena provided me with an opportunity to ground my work in a more professional and business like manner. I now have an improved structure and presentation, which accurately reflect who I am and what I offer. This, of course, led naturally to developing several successful strategies to target and market to my niche. All in all I found coaching with Verena to be rewarding and enjoyable! Marina Maurino, MA, Life Mentor, On-Going Healing Circles, Paramus, NJ, USA.


Verena, you ARE a vision coach. You pull me forward till the vision shows up in my face. It’s surreal. It’s unexpected. It just came through... when I was doing something else... You gave me hope and patience. It’s NOT a painstaking effort to live ... doing what you’re called to do. Sunny Wu, Coach, Taipei, Taiwan.

The most important aspect of Verena is that she is the essence of what coaching and the development of people are all about. She has clearly mastered the art of personal development and the ability to tap the potential that is inside each one of us. Her insight and skills, her passion, her ability to co-create solutions quickly, and to write and coach from the heart is truly extraordinary. Bea Fields, Owner & President, Five Star Leader Coaching and Training, Southern Pines, NC, USA.

With laser sharp instincts, Verena helped me quickly see how my focus on growing my business resulted in neglecting my personal needs. That insight was instrumental in me reorganizing my life - and all of that was in the first hour of coaching! Working with Verena was awesome! Felicia Gopaul, Owner, College Funding Resource, Bloomfield, NJ, USA.

Every time I meet with Verena, I come away with new perspectives and areas to explore. Since we’ve been co aching together, new dimensions in my life have opened up and I have gotten new insights into the spiritual aspect of my being that I had not seen heretofore! As you can imagine, this has helped me develop a stronger attraction to grow my business from the ground up! Thank you, Verena! John Walsh, Certified Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master, Be Still Yoga, LLC, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, USA.


I have known Verena for many years. She is a dedicated hard working individual who can be counted on in all situations. Verena, is generous, creative, loving and wants to support only the best in people. I highly recommend her as a coach and guide. Her creativity, sensitivity and thoughtfulness show up in many loving ways... She has the knack for always knowing how to add that 'special touch'... She is authentic and dedicated to continually developing herself. You are attracted to Verena because she lives the example of someone who is balanced and whole. She is an inspiration to anyone who is on an inner journey. In addition to her artistic talents, Verena is an excellent coach. She is dedicated to bringing joy, knowledge and happiness to her clients. Arlene Rosenberg, Coach and Consultant, Leading Achievers, Scottsdale, AZ, USA.


Verena is a bold, outrageous and courageous coach. She swiftly engages you in a rainbow dance that fills you with joy at being so completely listened to. She is like a crystal mirror reflecting back to you your own unique gifts and brilliance. She candidly draws from her experience to highlight key choices that helps bring your heart's des ire into high focus. You feel well hugged, loved, and heard. I was inspired to move forward in my life with her wonderful support. -- Jackie Draysey, Author and Energy Management Entrepreneur, Midlands, United Kingdom.

Verena creates shape and atmosphere! She is funny, loving, nurturing, playful and accepting. My experience in coaching [based on coaching with Verena] is best described as a journey of transformation: from a person who lacks different degrees of self-confidence, self-respect and love … to a person who gained much more understanding and acceptance of her own self as well as others. Emma Hotar, LSW, International Marketing Associate, Haledon, NJ, USA.

Through our Top Ten Creative Writing Salon led by Coach Verena Aibel, TeleClass Leader, we are provided with a circle of Love, Safety and Trust. Verena does this by being her Authentic Self, spreading her wings, and beginning the flow with her divine wisdom, which radiates from her soul. She passes the flow on to us; then we soar to higher creative paths, which leads to her soaring higher again; which is the magic in the circle of Love, Safety and Trust. Verena, you are such a gift from God to all of us and the way you led us to discover our gifts and talents, the universe is calling you to share this part of you with them - writing retreats for the soul which is much needed - soul work to discover our dream - have played with this idea for years. Also, I am working on several Top Tens now. I really felt like I have the power to write after taking your class and having the info you sent us. Nancy E James, Coach & Owner, Sunshine Coach Connection, Baytown, TX, USA.


I learned so much from you, through you I learned that there was a world out there…. You helped me open a new door into the feminine world. I was able to free myself… All my treasures were allowed to come out into the open. It was like being reborn. What a great new start! Whenever I feel weak again in my life I think of this great time I had working and playing with Verena while she lived in Berlin and I feel the strength coming back and I take a deep breath, automatically and the certainty is there, that I can do it, whatever it is. -- Gabriele Meyer (a.k.a. The English Lady), Deutsche Telecom Manager, Berlin, Germany.


Verena’s top ten writing class was fantastic. I wrote 4 top tens during her class, and in less than 4 weeks, I had acquired a client who read one of my top tens and hired me for the purposes of marketing his business. This top ten stuff really works! I highly recommend Verena. She is a true pro, and her class is just the catalyst I needed to get moving on my writing again! -- Bea Fields, Owner & President, Five Star Leader Coaching and Training, Southern Pines, NC, USA.


Working with Verena has helped me to evolve the exposure of my business through articles in two ways: 1) by encouraging me to write in the top ten format for more depth and more publishing opportunities and 2) by guiding me to start submitting my articles to other organizations. After just a few short weeks, I am seeing a definite increase in leads from this change in approach. Thanks Verena for sharing your wisdom and encouragement. According to Donna Lendzyk, Professional Business Coach & Owner, Donna Lendzyk Coaching & Consulting,, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Thank you so much for your great, inspiring class! -- Kathryn Lim, Entrepreneur, Author, Business Image Consultant, Hainan, Haikou, China.

I was inspired to write to You, because Richard, (in OUR group) signed up for my first paid teleclass, designed with the help of a Top TEN! Thanks Richard! I'm pretty excited, because before this, all I've done is teach other people's material, OR given mine away for free. This teleclass was inspired by a Top Ten that BURST it's way into my consciousness one night when I couldn't sleep. Now it's going to be a teleconference. I'm writing to let You know (Especially You Verena) that this top ten stuff is a REAL ASSET ... Thank YOU! Wishing each of You Total Success in All You Do (Toptenwise and otherwise) PS ... Verena, feel free to use anything in this e-mail as a testimonial, and also to use my webpage as an example of what one of Your lucky students did with a top ten ... if it serves You in any way. Love and Joy! -- Aloha from Paradise! Sunny Hills, CPCC,, Maui, Hawaii.

Verena empowered me into writing my first top-10 list. In fact, not only did I write one, but I also submitted it in for publication a couple of hours after my session with her. She cut right to the core of my vision with precision. She guided me and helped me to believe that I could do it. After my session, she was still there by e-mails. I did it. I owe it all to her. I think I caught the writing top-10 list bug. -- Ellen Montal, Chronic Condition Coaching, EMpower Coaching, Woodbury Commons, NY, USA.


Your ‘Top Ten Shifts to Make From Big Ego to Strong Ego’ struck me as being very relevant to me. I find this distinction clarifying and useful. For myself in the first place, but also for evaluating others when relevant. Afterwards I read your Top Ten on ‘Comebacks When Someone Says Something Inappropriate’. This made me realize that also here the strong ego is applicable. Luckily, I do not often encounter this type of situation. But when I do, your suggestion of comebacks will certainly prove useful. -- Ton Bil, Value Creation Consultant, Brien Economie, The Netherlands.